Bicorne Oliver Cromwell

This miniature that depicts Oliver Cromwell is amazing to paint. Bicorns ECW figures like Renegades are just great in every way. I also have some Bicorn ECW Cavalry that is half painted. At the moment Im painting on a new ACW prodject but when ill get back to The English civil war again I must finish those becouse; They are going to look great.

ECW Renegade Work in progress

ECW Infantry from Renegade miniatures.

Renegade, Bicorn and Redobt miniatures have the best ranges of ECW miniatures and they look great together. Bicorns and Renegades figures are if Im not mistaken designed by the same genius.

My ECW Prodject is to paint a New Model Army parlament force under leadership of the great Cromwell himself. To be continued...

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