Late Roman Exculcatores iuniores Britanniciani

Hi here comes more samples from one of my units of gripping Beast late Imperial Romans. These guys are soldiers of the Exculcatores iuniores Britanniciani.

Late Roman Cornuti seniores (Auxilia Palatina)

Legio XX Valeria Victrix GB Late imperial Romans

Hi there comrades

More Roman fighters grassed and based. First up a gang of Legio XX Victrix. The shield patterns are fictional but based on archaeological evidence from the mosaic "The great Hunt". The Boar was the symbol of this legion so I have chosen to paint the figures like this and call them XX Valeria Victrix. The legion is featured in the popular novel "Eagle in the snow" by Wallace Breem, I fantastic and exiting book with a somewhat traditional view on concepts about Romans and Barbarians. It's the classical story of a degrading and falling Rome that stands up in a last fight against the hordes of barbaric peoples bringing chaos and violence, giving birth to the middle ages. In other words the perspectives and concepts that was manifested in the "Decline and fall of the Roman empire" by Edward Gibbons, that has formed the views on late antiquity. Not really my view I must say but the both books are great in their own field. In historical fiction you can't find a more thrilling read than "Eagle in the snow". That's why I love Legio XX Victrix and have to have them in my army. And what better shield to use than a unknown one with a boar? Well If you're in to late Romans you probably understand why I've chosen this shield pattern:)


Its not needed to say: The miniatures are from Gripping Beast:)

Notice that one of the legionaries are lightly equipped and wears a big round shield different from his comrades. He might be used as a skirmisher.

More GB Late Romans

Hi there

I took some pics of a few more late Romans from Gripping Beast last morning, when I photographed the Naps. I happen to posses allot more late Romans then been posted yet but I haven't gotten around to put grass on their bases so far. That's why only bits and pieces are showing up, rader than whole units. I'm impatient:)

Below You can see a group of the famous Secunda Britannica. Followed by them a Scola cavalryman and a lonesome archer of the Sagittarii Nervii Gallicani.


Last but not least; Archer of the Sagittarii Nervii Gallicani.

Shieldpatterns from the Notitia Dignitatum

Late Roman officer Cornuti seniores

Gripping Beast Late Roman officer of the "Cornuti seniores"

Late Roman Standard Bearers

Two standard bearers ready for action

Late Roman Legio XX Valeria Victrix

Gripping Beast Late Roman Standard bearer

Late Roman junior officer Ioviani seniores

Gripping Beast Late Roman

Roman unit leader Exculcatores iuniores Britanniciani

Gripping Beast Late Roman

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