New mobile painting station

This is my new mobile painting station. I'm very happy with it because its easy to move around the apartment. I can even move it outside on to the balcony if I feel like it. With exception to welding and some handling of metal I'm pretty useless when it comes to anything practical so the table was made by my father who loves building things. I'm very grateful for this, There is no better gift when something you can use for your hobby! because of the narrow doors in my apartment I did unfortunately had to cut a bit of the front and repaint it, It may have compromised the look of the station a bit since I used a old time non-electrical saw. Well it was a necessary amputation I'm afraid. Anyhow, from now on I can do hobby work in the livingroom right beside my soon to be wife and I don't have to always isolate myself when painting or modelling. Nice:)

Notice the handle on one side and the weels on two of the legs. Just tip it and roll the table to a suitable location.

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