Blue and gray clashing in Umeå

This week a series of American Civil War battles  took place at Tim's place. On Monday André and Tim's confederates fought Erik's and Peters Union forces in a total of 3 battles. The last one only between Erik and Tim. Today Anders, Peter and Tim got together again for some ACW gaming. The rules used for this was "Black Powder". Below you can see some pictures taken of the fighting.

In the first game the church played the role as objective. Here You can see Peters Brigades holding the stonewall surrounding it.

The Union forces, slightly outnumbered by the confederates in infantry and Artillery and without cavalry support was the defensive part in this battle. Here you can see them occupying the area around the church and the hill. In the background C.S.A General André is plotting the destruction of the same men. For bigger pictures see these:

The mighty force of Confederates lead by Tim and André. Closest in the picture; Tims rebs.

Att first the advancement of the southern force was slowed down by some bad dicetrowing and a blunder. In the first turn the artillery on both sides did little damage.

Under the 2nd turn,  the front unit of one of Tim's Battalions clashes with Erik's troops spearheaded by the 14th New York. Counter fire and artillery does nothing to hinder the greys advance.  The first close combat takes place and Union prevails. The northerners cheer after they manage to fend off the first enemies, but the bloodbath has just begun.

On the other flank, Andrés Confederate Stonewall Brigade, slowed down by canons, a blunder ant whatnot, start to getting closer to Peters troops. They are in a strong defensive position. Her you can see the Virginians going over the hillcrest at the sound of their drums. Peters guns starts hammering in to the aproching enemy, soon the shatter of musket fire will fill the air with smoke.




As the Confederates start to getting up more of their troops to the battleline the fights intensifies. Erik's canons fends off a charge of Tim's cavalry, this makes his infantry free from artillery fire while approaching Erik's line.
Erik mange to destroy one of Tims units with his infantery.

Tim, finishing of the extreme left of the Union line.

In the forth turn things start to swing around in favour of the south. Tim destroys Erik's New Yorkers and breaks one of his Brigades, leaving one unit stranded and defenceless at the edge of the battlefield. Erik's other Brigade takes up a desperate fight against Tim's onslaught. Tim's tactic with the cavalry screening the infantry has worked well.

André and Peter

In the fifth turn Andrés attack columns are beaten off and Peter holds the ground. Tim destroys another of Erik's units and in the Unions turn, Peter destroys Andrés Cavalry. Peter seems to have controle but In the following turns the southerners keep attacking and making great damage. Peter also destroys one of Tim's already battered units from the flank.

Andrés attackcolums engage Peters brigade.

Hard fighting on the Union extreme right flank.

The battle ends with Confederate victory and the army of the Potomac is defeated.

We are new to the" Black Powder " rules and some and somewhat stuck in the concepts of FoW, WAB and such alike, so there was as expected difficulties. However we learned a lot and we start to get the BP-idea. Two more battles were fought this day but the memory on the camera was full.


New mobile painting station

This is my new mobile painting station. I'm very happy with it because its easy to move around the apartment. I can even move it outside on to the balcony if I feel like it. With exception to welding and some handling of metal I'm pretty useless when it comes to anything practical so the table was made by my father who loves building things. I'm very grateful for this, There is no better gift when something you can use for your hobby! because of the narrow doors in my apartment I did unfortunately had to cut a bit of the front and repaint it, It may have compromised the look of the station a bit since I used a old time non-electrical saw. Well it was a necessary amputation I'm afraid. Anyhow, from now on I can do hobby work in the livingroom right beside my soon to be wife and I don't have to always isolate myself when painting or modelling. Nice:)

Notice the handle on one side and the weels on two of the legs. Just tip it and roll the table to a suitable location.

Late Roman Exculcatores iuniores Britanniciani

Hi here comes more samples from one of my units of gripping Beast late Imperial Romans. These guys are soldiers of the Exculcatores iuniores Britanniciani.

Late Roman Cornuti seniores (Auxilia Palatina)

Legio XX Valeria Victrix GB Late imperial Romans

Hi there comrades

More Roman fighters grassed and based. First up a gang of Legio XX Victrix. The shield patterns are fictional but based on archaeological evidence from the mosaic "The great Hunt". The Boar was the symbol of this legion so I have chosen to paint the figures like this and call them XX Valeria Victrix. The legion is featured in the popular novel "Eagle in the snow" by Wallace Breem, I fantastic and exiting book with a somewhat traditional view on concepts about Romans and Barbarians. It's the classical story of a degrading and falling Rome that stands up in a last fight against the hordes of barbaric peoples bringing chaos and violence, giving birth to the middle ages. In other words the perspectives and concepts that was manifested in the "Decline and fall of the Roman empire" by Edward Gibbons, that has formed the views on late antiquity. Not really my view I must say but the both books are great in their own field. In historical fiction you can't find a more thrilling read than "Eagle in the snow". That's why I love Legio XX Victrix and have to have them in my army. And what better shield to use than a unknown one with a boar? Well If you're in to late Romans you probably understand why I've chosen this shield pattern:)


Its not needed to say: The miniatures are from Gripping Beast:)

Notice that one of the legionaries are lightly equipped and wears a big round shield different from his comrades. He might be used as a skirmisher.

Historical wargaming club starting up in Umeå



UHWS is a small group of wargamers and miniature painters concentrating on historical periods and gaming.  We resides in the city of Umeå in northern Sweden. We have decided that a club/society for historical gaming is needed since the only local wargaming club are strictly interested in fantasy and also falls short in some other respects.


The vision we have for our society is to create a serious and relaxed gaming club for mature gamers. The society is suited for those who have a genuine interest in history, miniatures, models and strategic wargaming. At the same time a responsible and respectful attitude that makes gaming and social activities pleasant and fun for all participating parties. A gentlemen's club if you wish.



We have just started this project, but do note; that even if we warmly welcome new members that we think fulfil this description, stated above, we do not seek to create a large "free for all" club were everyone can join and then disrespect the rules of conduct, stink like they never had a shower, act like a kid or create a mess etc.  We had enough of guys like that elsewhere, and that is why we need this club to be different.


If you live in the area, and are interested, please contact us here on this site or email Erik on:


Vist our clubs own blog:


More GB Late Romans

Hi there

I took some pics of a few more late Romans from Gripping Beast last morning, when I photographed the Naps. I happen to posses allot more late Romans then been posted yet but I haven't gotten around to put grass on their bases so far. That's why only bits and pieces are showing up, rader than whole units. I'm impatient:)

Below You can see a group of the famous Secunda Britannica. Followed by them a Scola cavalryman and a lonesome archer of the Sagittarii Nervii Gallicani.


Last but not least; Archer of the Sagittarii Nervii Gallicani.

Shieldpatterns from the Notitia Dignitatum

Napoleonic wargaming in Umeå

Napoleonic wargaming in Umeå

A few months ago we decided that we should go for Napoleonic's. First we had to build up our armies. The rule system we plan to use is Black powder, a set of rules that suits the large battles and historic scenarios, rather than points, competition and wargaming "tennis matches". Totally different from warhammer stuff and from FoW. We have already been playing the BP rules with our ACW miniatures for a while but we are saving the Napoleonic's for later when we all have great big armies. The miniatures that we are planning to use,  are first and most, Victrix and Perry. But Tim has already bought some Front Rank as well. As usual its my gaming-compadres that has painted the largest amount of figures. But in time I also will have a large army, I hope. I have a lot of unpainted and half painted stuff.

As a progressive and enlightened gentleman, I choosed to build up a French Napoleonic army. I do sympathise most whit France during this age of political and armed conflicts. I also love the uniforms. The first sample of my naps is some fellows of the 1th Grenadiers of the imperial guard. I hope you like them.


comparison to uniform


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