Napoleonic wargaming in Umeå

Napoleonic wargaming in Umeå

A few months ago we decided that we should go for Napoleonic's. First we had to build up our armies. The rule system we plan to use is Black powder, a set of rules that suits the large battles and historic scenarios, rather than points, competition and wargaming "tennis matches". Totally different from warhammer stuff and from FoW. We have already been playing the BP rules with our ACW miniatures for a while but we are saving the Napoleonic's for later when we all have great big armies. The miniatures that we are planning to use,  are first and most, Victrix and Perry. But Tim has already bought some Front Rank as well. As usual its my gaming-compadres that has painted the largest amount of figures. But in time I also will have a large army, I hope. I have a lot of unpainted and half painted stuff.

As a progressive and enlightened gentleman, I choosed to build up a French Napoleonic army. I do sympathise most whit France during this age of political and armed conflicts. I also love the uniforms. The first sample of my naps is some fellows of the 1th Grenadiers of the imperial guard. I hope you like them.


comparison to uniform


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