New images of Orion

Now I have a better camera so I guess some new pictures of old stuff is suitable. Here is Orion again in a better light.

Please vote for it on "cool mini or not", if you like. The kids there don seem to like it. Maybe because its not a spacemarine;)

Norman Crusader (Gripping Beast) and a Templar (BTD)

This Gripping Beast miniature are painted as a early Norman Crusader of the 12th Century. Possibly from one of the Crusader states.

The Templar is from Black Tree Design. All Normans and Crusaders Ive bought from them are of very high quality and looks cool.  I paint my Templars rough and non dashing. The White is dirty and the armour is a bit rusty, The leader dark and smokey. This to define them against my secular knights that are more bright and polished.

28mm Romans (Wargames Foundry) Tribune and Lictor

You got to love foundrys romans (designed by the Perry bros). Still the finest on the market, but expensive. The are perfect with Warlord games EIR. These I painted a couple of months ago but I still havent based them yet.

146th New York update

New Pictures, including 2 new 146th zouaves. The rest of the regiment is half finished and on their way. The colors in this image do not look like they do in reality. The yellow, red and gold are more bright, and the blue is less turcoise.

By the way:
Today a bird flew in to my apartment! and before I could catch him he assulted my miniatures, knocked them around and...he soiled them! Birdshit hit the 14th New york. This is going to take some work to repair:(

Why couldn't mr Bird not have taken a dump on my Wargames Factory Roman Auxilia cavalry instead?  They already look like shit.

146th New York Volunteers, Garrard's Tigers, zouaves (First Test mini)

This Zouave miniature is from the  "sash and saber" range that I bought from old glory UK.  Its painted to look like the 146th New York  Volunteers, Garrard's Tigers. A zouaves regiment. Its a first "test" figure. I also painted a mini from the same pack to resemble the 114th Pennsylvania but that one I save for later.

Larger image:

The Sash and Saber zouaves: I did't expect so much from this pack of figures. I just ordered them because I wanted to test all manufacturers and compere size and quality. I was chocked, they are amazing. The detail and poses are topp noch. The size, slightly smaler than Perry, do work whit them very well. The difference is just minor. Some of the castings are a bit sloppy but not worse then any other products out there. Metal miniatures kick plastics ass ones more. These Zouaves look much better then Perry Plastics but are equal to Perry metals. I do recomend Sash and Saber Zouaves. Fun to paint all the nice details and dramatic realistic poses.

Perry ACW 3" Parrott

This ACW 3" Parrott with crew frm Perry Miniatures was finished last night. The pictures are bad as allways. I suck at photograpy.

I loved to paint this one. Thank you Perry!

Perry ACW parrottBild:Osprey

3-inch Parrott Rifle: Was invented by Robert Parker Parrott. This canon was common on the battlefields of the ACW. It was widely used in battle to support infantry and cavalry as well as in defence in all theaters. There is a large range of different muzzel-loading Parrott rifles used in the Civil war. If Im correctly informed Union forces mostly used 2.9" Gun and not a 3". But that doesnt matter when it comes down to 28mm miniatures. It represent a 3" or 2,9". Anyhow Im not so well read on the artillery side of the conflict. I might be totaly wrong

I plan to paint and field several more of the 3". Since Im much pleased with the one manufactured by Perry and it comes in at least one more pack with diffrent poses on the crew, I belive I shall buy them of Perry.

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