New images of Orion

Now I have a better camera so I guess some new pictures of old stuff is suitable. Here is Orion again in a better light.

Please vote for it on "cool mini or not", if you like. The kids there don seem to like it. Maybe because its not a spacemarine;)

Wood Elves

When Im not painting historical miniatures I paint fantasy figures. Well not so often but sometimes. I like Wood Elves and Dwarfs the most. Here is some samples Ive made in the past. From Games workshop and Gamezone miniatures.

Elven Silvanus from Gamezone is much more well sculptured and of higher quality than most GW products. Well GW Has a good range of Wood elves with some nice figures but some of the WE shit GZ has pruduced is just fantastic.
The pictures dosnt give the mini justice in this aspect.
gamezone miniatures wood elves elven silvanus      

Of all the Games Workshop Wood Elves the forest king Orion is my absolute fevorite. He is the coolest Wood elve sculpt out there in my opinion.

And some highborne pictures. Games Workshop.

The Spellweaver also GW. Im pretty pleased with this one.

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