Blue and gray clashing in Umeå

This week a series of American Civil War battles  took place at Tim's place. On Monday André and Tim's confederates fought Erik's and Peters Union forces in a total of 3 battles. The last one only between Erik and Tim. Today Anders, Peter and Tim got together again for some ACW gaming. The rules used for this was "Black Powder". Below you can see some pictures taken of the fighting.

In the first game the church played the role as objective. Here You can see Peters Brigades holding the stonewall surrounding it.

The Union forces, slightly outnumbered by the confederates in infantry and Artillery and without cavalry support was the defensive part in this battle. Here you can see them occupying the area around the church and the hill. In the background C.S.A General André is plotting the destruction of the same men. For bigger pictures see these:

The mighty force of Confederates lead by Tim and André. Closest in the picture; Tims rebs.

Att first the advancement of the southern force was slowed down by some bad dicetrowing and a blunder. In the first turn the artillery on both sides did little damage.

Under the 2nd turn,  the front unit of one of Tim's Battalions clashes with Erik's troops spearheaded by the 14th New York. Counter fire and artillery does nothing to hinder the greys advance.  The first close combat takes place and Union prevails. The northerners cheer after they manage to fend off the first enemies, but the bloodbath has just begun.

On the other flank, Andrés Confederate Stonewall Brigade, slowed down by canons, a blunder ant whatnot, start to getting closer to Peters troops. They are in a strong defensive position. Her you can see the Virginians going over the hillcrest at the sound of their drums. Peters guns starts hammering in to the aproching enemy, soon the shatter of musket fire will fill the air with smoke.




As the Confederates start to getting up more of their troops to the battleline the fights intensifies. Erik's canons fends off a charge of Tim's cavalry, this makes his infantry free from artillery fire while approaching Erik's line.
Erik mange to destroy one of Tims units with his infantery.

Tim, finishing of the extreme left of the Union line.

In the forth turn things start to swing around in favour of the south. Tim destroys Erik's New Yorkers and breaks one of his Brigades, leaving one unit stranded and defenceless at the edge of the battlefield. Erik's other Brigade takes up a desperate fight against Tim's onslaught. Tim's tactic with the cavalry screening the infantry has worked well.

André and Peter

In the fifth turn Andrés attack columns are beaten off and Peter holds the ground. Tim destroys another of Erik's units and in the Unions turn, Peter destroys Andrés Cavalry. Peter seems to have controle but In the following turns the southerners keep attacking and making great damage. Peter also destroys one of Tim's already battered units from the flank.

Andrés attackcolums engage Peters brigade.

Hard fighting on the Union extreme right flank.

The battle ends with Confederate victory and the army of the Potomac is defeated.

We are new to the" Black Powder " rules and some and somewhat stuck in the concepts of FoW, WAB and such alike, so there was as expected difficulties. However we learned a lot and we start to get the BP-idea. Two more battles were fought this day but the memory on the camera was full.


146th New York update

New Pictures, including 2 new 146th zouaves. The rest of the regiment is half finished and on their way. The colors in this image do not look like they do in reality. The yellow, red and gold are more bright, and the blue is less turcoise.

By the way:
Today a bird flew in to my apartment! and before I could catch him he assulted my miniatures, knocked them around and...he soiled them! Birdshit hit the 14th New york. This is going to take some work to repair:(

Why couldn't mr Bird not have taken a dump on my Wargames Factory Roman Auxilia cavalry instead?  They already look like shit.

146th New York Volunteers, Garrard's Tigers, zouaves (First Test mini)

This Zouave miniature is from the  "sash and saber" range that I bought from old glory UK.  Its painted to look like the 146th New York  Volunteers, Garrard's Tigers. A zouaves regiment. Its a first "test" figure. I also painted a mini from the same pack to resemble the 114th Pennsylvania but that one I save for later.

Larger image:

The Sash and Saber zouaves: I did't expect so much from this pack of figures. I just ordered them because I wanted to test all manufacturers and compere size and quality. I was chocked, they are amazing. The detail and poses are topp noch. The size, slightly smaler than Perry, do work whit them very well. The difference is just minor. Some of the castings are a bit sloppy but not worse then any other products out there. Metal miniatures kick plastics ass ones more. These Zouaves look much better then Perry Plastics but are equal to Perry metals. I do recomend Sash and Saber Zouaves. Fun to paint all the nice details and dramatic realistic poses.

Perry ACW 3" Parrott

This ACW 3" Parrott with crew frm Perry Miniatures was finished last night. The pictures are bad as allways. I suck at photograpy.

I loved to paint this one. Thank you Perry!

Perry ACW parrottBild:Osprey

3-inch Parrott Rifle: Was invented by Robert Parker Parrott. This canon was common on the battlefields of the ACW. It was widely used in battle to support infantry and cavalry as well as in defence in all theaters. There is a large range of different muzzel-loading Parrott rifles used in the Civil war. If Im correctly informed Union forces mostly used 2.9" Gun and not a 3". But that doesnt matter when it comes down to 28mm miniatures. It represent a 3" or 2,9". Anyhow Im not so well read on the artillery side of the conflict. I might be totaly wrong

I plan to paint and field several more of the 3". Since Im much pleased with the one manufactured by Perry and it comes in at least one more pack with diffrent poses on the crew, I belive I shall buy them of Perry.

ACW Perry Plastics as 14th New York State Milita

Well I could not wait for the flag to drop in to my mailbox. Here is 15, some what dark photos of the first 16 figures of the 14th NYSM.

Perry ACW

ACW Army of the Potomac

This summer I started a brand new project. I got in to a ACW "period". Last time this happened was several years ago. When I go in to a special period like this I become allmost manic. I read everything I can get my hands on about the subject and se all movies and documentaries.

Well I decided to start building a new ACW army. My choise is a Union force of the eastern theatre. Regiments included in the Potomac army is going to be my first choises. The army of the Potomac Is the most "polished" army in the civil war, and the largest.

The loads of exciting volunteer regiments and state militia gives the opportunity to paint more colorful units like the Zouaves of the 5th NY or the 114th Pennsylvania for example.

The greatest challenge is to find out about all differnt ranges and what goes with what? So far Im allready painting a box of Perry plastict and they are allmost finished. I have orders samples from Redoubt to see how much bigger they are than Perrys and Foundry. I have allsom ordered Sash and Saber Zouaves wich I belive should go well with Perry and Foundry.

Of the Perry box I have painted 16 of them as the great Brooklyn boys, "the red legged devils" of the 14th (Brooklyn) New York State Militia. A regiment with both progressiv ideals against slavery-and a dashing appearance with red and brass in their uniforms. Im going to add 20 figures from other manufacturers, making a total number of 36 figures in the regiment. The Perry plastics are lacking many of the geer that the 14th had. But whit difficulty I have managed to make them look allmost correct. As soon as I have putt on the flag I shall post pictures of the first 16 figures of the 14th.

Well the other 20 figures in the box, now 70% finished is the begining of the 20th Maine under Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Allso a regiment whit a lot of abolishonists. The are going to be dressed in common "blue" with the red corps badges on their kepis.

The planed regiments Im going to paint is as following.

14th Brooklyn New York State Militia
20th Maine Volunteers
5th New York Volunteers

114 Pennsylvania Volunteers

44th New York Volunteers Ellsworths Avengers
146th New York Volunteers
155th 155th Pennsylvania Volunteers

I love to have a litle unit of fire Zouaves for the early war battles.

11th New York Volunteers 1th fire Zouaves

As you can see Im going for alot of Zouaves. But Im also going to paint other units like artillery, cavalry, and more infantery.

The Iron brigade and the different Irish regiments are of intresst and I also love the 54th Massachusets colored regiment. As so many others I have seen the movie "Glory" and Ive read the book "A Brave Black Regiment" of Luis F. Emilio, one of the surviving captains of the regiment.

A week ago I ordered more perry, this time metal. A 3" Parrot whit crew and som packs of command and skirmishers. This will finish of my 20th Maine.

This is a big and very hard project. It can take years If it will ever be finished. well I dont want It to finished. Non of my armies are ever finished. Im a collector and I want to collect, paint and game, allways expanding my forces- FOREVER. People who plan, buy and then settle with a "point army" dont make any sense to me? They are like wargamers who dont like to paint or allways go with the cheepest figures. Why the hell dont they play computer games instead ?:) Thats missing out on the whole point of this hobby.

No more ranting about that. Next post= The first pictures of the 14th NYSM


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