Perry ACW 3" Parrott

This ACW 3" Parrott with crew frm Perry Miniatures was finished last night. The pictures are bad as allways. I suck at photograpy.

I loved to paint this one. Thank you Perry!

Perry ACW parrottBild:Osprey

3-inch Parrott Rifle: Was invented by Robert Parker Parrott. This canon was common on the battlefields of the ACW. It was widely used in battle to support infantry and cavalry as well as in defence in all theaters. There is a large range of different muzzel-loading Parrott rifles used in the Civil war. If Im correctly informed Union forces mostly used 2.9" Gun and not a 3". But that doesnt matter when it comes down to 28mm miniatures. It represent a 3" or 2,9". Anyhow Im not so well read on the artillery side of the conflict. I might be totaly wrong

I plan to paint and field several more of the 3". Since Im much pleased with the one manufactured by Perry and it comes in at least one more pack with diffrent poses on the crew, I belive I shall buy them of Perry.


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